Uphold login

Uphold is an exclusive exchange platform in the cryptocurrency world that has certainly gained a lot of appreciation along with an increasing user base. Some portion of the user base even states that this is the only digital platform that you’d need for your finances.
Here’s how you can collect your rewards into Uphold…
This part of the read will walk you through the steps of purchasing and saving your gift cards, right after we tell you the different stages you’ll have to go through for the same.
Gift card redeeming stages with Uphold login accounts
· First Stage: Create an account on Uphold or sign in with the existing credentials.
· Second Stage: Explore gift cards, sweepstakes or go for spinning the wheel to make a choice.
· Third Stage: Choose from the available currencies to pay with from your Uphold account.
· Fourth Stage: Redeem the purchased rewards into Uphold login account and enjoy.
Gift card purchasing and saving steps
1. Make sure you sign-up or sign in to your Uphold account (preferably on Brave Browser).
2. Complete the procedure of verifying your identity with address proof and govt. issued ID.
3. Go on to deposit Basic Attention Token (Brave Browser ad rewards) on your Uphold account.
4. Browse through the available gift cards issued by several global bands and make a choice.
5. It is time to choose a currency variant and make the purchase to further redeem it.
6. All purchased gift cards would get saved on the TAP homepage to later transfer to Uphold.
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